1103D-33TA Diesel Engine <br> 58 kW @ 2200 RPM

1103D-33TA Diesel Engine
58 kW @ 2200 RPM



With the success of the 1100 Series, single platform engines, Perkins have taken development further with the introduction of the new 1100D range.
The 1103D engine is a unique mechanical power solution available in naturally aspirated, and turbocharged aftercooled models. The 1103D engine is a refined and compact product



  • Number of cylinders : 3 in-line
  • Bore and stroke : 105 x 127 mm 4.3 x 5.0 in
  • Displacement 3.3 litres 202 in3
  • Aspiration : Turbocharged aftercooled
  • Cycle 4 stroke
  • Combustion system Direct injection
  • Compression ratio : 18.23:1
  • Rotation Anti-clockwise, viewed on flywheel
  • Cooling system : Liquid


    Powered by your needs

    • The 1100D range offers the possibility to move between different fuel system technologies and aspirations
    • The 1103D mechanical range offers a class-leading choice of aspirations. This includes turbocharged aftercooled and naturally aspirated models for markets outside of the US

    State of the art design

    • Niche offering tailored to compact industrial and agricultural applications
    • Latest diesel technology development used in mechanical control system
    • Minimised impact on heat rejection and fuel consumption

    Component commonality

    • Shared front and rear ends and ‘repeated’ components – pistons, con rods and valve gear
    • Rationalised inventory, streamlined training and consistent serviceability
    Lower installation costs
    • Comparable hook-up points and envelope size to the 1103C model for ease of installation
    • Customer enjoys a seamless transition during the emissions changeover process

    Lower operating costs

    • Service intervals are 500 hours standard
    • Perkins comprehensive warranty cover for two years (up to 3,000 hours), with three years on major engine components. These are supported by multilevel Extended Service Contracts that can be bought additionally

    Product support

    • Perkins actively pursues product support excellence by ensuring our distribution network invest in their territory – strengthening relationships and providing more value to you, our customer
    • Through an experienced global network of distributors and dealers, fully trained engine experts deliver total service support around the clock, 365 days a year. They have a comprehensive suite of web based tools at their fingertips covering technical information, parts identification and ordering systems, all dedicated to maximising the productivity of your engine
    • Throughout the entire life of a Perkins engine, we provide access to genuine OE specification parts and service. We give 100% reassurance that you receive the very best in terms of quality for lowest possible cost .. wherever your Perkins powered machine is operating in the world



        • Cast iron engine block
        • Ecoplus fuel filter
        • Standard or Ecoplus oil filters
        • Lub oil sump for 4WD tractors
        • Integral inlet manifold
        • Cast iron exhaust manifold
        • Engine shut-off solenoid
        • 12 volt Alternator
        • Glow plug starting aid
        • Lub oil pressure switch
        • Coolant temperature switch
        • Choice of power take-offs
        • Flywheel and flywheel housing
        • 12 volt Starter motor
        • Choice of filler positions
        • Choice of water outlet
        • LHS or RHS dipstick position
        • Choice of cooling fans
        • Integral inlet manifold
        • Cast iron exhaust manifold
        • Engine shut-off solenoid


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