1104C-44TAG2 Diesel Engine <br> 100 kVA @ 1500 RPM

1104C-44TAG2 Diesel Engine
100 kVA @ 1500 RPM



 Building upon Perkins proven reputation within the power generation industry, the Perkins® 1100 Series range of ElectropaK engines now fit even closer to the needs of their customers.

With this 1104C-44TAG2 unit, Perkins has engineered for its customers even higher levels of reliability, yet lowered the cost of ownership with six cylinder capability from a four cylinder package performance. Crucially, bare engine noise is lower than ever before.

Rapid starting and pick-up are naturally built-in especially for cold operation, but where legislation or local markets demand an emissions capability, then the 1104C-44TAG2 satisfies EU 2007 Stage II mobile off-highway legislation; and also complies to TA Luft (1986) regulations.

1100 Series see the marriage of technology to customer need. A 4.4 litre unit very quietly setting a new standard in prime power supply and standby for the power generation industry.



Number of cylinders  4 vertical in-line 
Bore and stroke  105 x 127 mm  4.3 x 5.0 in 
Displacement  4.41 litres  269 in3 
Aspiration  Turbocharged, air to air charge cooled 
Cycle  4 stroke 
Combustion system  Direct injection 
Compression ratio  18.2:1   
Rotation  Anti-clockwise, viewed on flywheel 
Total lubricating capacity  8.0 litres  2.1 US gal 
Cooling system  Water-cooled 
Total coolant capacity  12.6 litres  3.3 US gal 



Compact and efficient power

  • The Perkins 1100 Series family was developed following an intensive period of customer research. The 3.3 and 4.4 litre engines feature new cylinder blocks which ensure bore roundness is maintained under the pressures of operation, as well as significantly reducing mechanical and combustion noise. A new cross-flow cylinder head design optimises combustion control, and combines with turbocharger and charge cooler technology to achieve the best combination of power delivery and low exhaust emissions

Cleaner and quieter power

  • The refined structure of the 1100C range leads to an exceptionally low noise signature. To meet environmental needs swirl conditioned air is delivered through the new cross-flow cylinder head, and burns cleanly with the high pressure fuel from an advanced technology rotary pump

Cost effective power

  • The compact packaging and low noise performance of the 1100C range bring clear benefits to the Genset packager. Low cost of operation is assured by lower fuel and oil consumption and 500 hour service intervals

Warranties and Service Contracts

We provide one-year warranties for constant speed engines and two-year warranties for variable speed models, as standard. These are supported by multilevel Extended Service Contracts that can be bought additionally

Product support

  • Perkins actively pursues product support excellence by ensuring our distribution network invest in their territory – strengthening relationships and providing more value to you, our customer
  • Through an experienced global network of distributors and dealers, fully trained engine experts deliver total service support around the clock, 365 days a year. They have a comprehensive suite of web based tools at their fingertips covering technical information, parts identification and ordering systems, all dedicated to maximising the productivity of your engine
  • Throughout the entire life of a Perkins engine, we provide access to genuine OE specification parts and service. We give 100% reassurance that you receive the very best in terms of quality for lowest possible cost .. wherever your Perkins powered machine is operating in the world


Air inlet

  • Mounted air filter

Fuel system

  • Rotary type pump
  • Ecoplus fuel filter

Lubrication system

  • Wet steel sump with filler and dipstick
  • Spin-on oil filter

Cooling system

  • Thermostatically-controlled system with gear-driven circulation pump and belt-driven pusher fan
  • Mounted radiator and piping incorporating air-to-air charge cooler

Electrical equipment

  • 12 volt starter motor and 12 volt 65 amp alternator with DC output
  • 12 volt shutdown solenoid energised to run
  • Glow plug cold start aid

Flywheel and housing

  • Flywheel to SAE J620 size 10/111⁄2
  • SAE 3 flywheel housing


  • User’s handbook

Optional equipment

  • 24 Volt alternator
  • 24 Volt starter motor
  • Workshop manual
  • Parts book


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